Choosing a VPN

Can an expat get a free VPN?

When you’re living as an expat, you’ve definitely already got your fair share of expenses and a slew of other matters to stay on top of. If you’re strapped for cash, then you may be wondering if it’d be a good idea to get a free VPN (virtual private network), so you can protect your…

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Choosing a VPN

How to get a free trial on a VPN

Sure, the majority of virtual private network (VPN) providers nowadays offer some kind of money-back guarantee (usually of the 30-day variety), but that means you’ll be actually paying full price for a subscription upfront, without knowing whether the particular service is the right one for your needs. And when virtually each and every single VPN…

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Choosing a VPN

The Most Secure VPNs for Expats

For any expat, the most important things you’ll need your VPN to provide are security and privacy. You’ll need your VPN to be secure so that you can maintain your privacy online and keep your browsing habits and sensitive data hidden from hackers, ISPs, and government agencies. And you’ll need your VPN to be secure…

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Choosing a VPN

Cheap VPNs for Expats in 2021

Us expats know that, when you’re living abroad, expenses can add up quickly no matter where you’re living. One day you’re in your new country thinking, “hell yeah, my dollar (or pound, or euro, or whatever) is gonna stretch so far here, I’m gonna be living like a king” and the next you’re eating stale…