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Choosing a VPN

The Most Secure VPNs for Expats

For any expat, the most important things you’ll need your VPN to provide are security and privacy. You’ll need your VPN to be secure so that you can maintain your privacy online and keep your browsing habits and sensitive data hidden from hackers, ISPs, and government agencies. And you’ll need your VPN to be secure…

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Beginner VPN Guides

5 Advantages of using a VPN as an Expat

You’ve left home and moved to another country. Maybe it’s for work, maybe for school; maybe it’s by choice, and maybe your employer sent you; maybe it’s temporary, maybe permanent. Whatever the case may be, you’re officially an expat now. Embrace it, savor it, live it. The expat life enlightens us and challenges us, and…

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Beginner VPN Guides

Why Do Expats Need VPN Services?

Packing up and moving abroad can be at once exhilarating, transformative, intimidating, and terrifying. When you add it all up, the overwhelming feelings of uncertainty that come with moving to a foreign country can be incredibly powerful. Maybe you don’t know the language, maybe you’re not sure how you’ll handle adjusting to a new culture,…