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Beginner VPN Guides

How to Stay Safe on Zoom: An Expat’s Guide

When the pandemic hit last year and everyone abruptly and all at once withdrew from their regularly scheduled existence, the popularity of certain online services exploded. The now-massively popular video conferencing tool Zoom was, arguably, the service that exploded onto the scene most spectacularly.  Zoom burst like a supernova onto the collective consciousness of humanity…

Choosing a VPN

Can an expat get a free VPN?

When you’re living as an expat, you’ve definitely already got your fair share of expenses and a slew of other matters to stay on top of. If you’re strapped for cash, then you may be wondering if it’d be a good idea to get a free VPN (virtual private network), so you can protect your…

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Choosing a VPN

How to get a free trial on a VPN

Sure, the majority of virtual private network (VPN) providers nowadays offer some kind of money-back guarantee (usually of the 30-day variety), but that means you’ll be actually paying full price for a subscription upfront, without knowing whether the particular service is the right one for your needs. And when virtually each and every single VPN…